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A newspaper of inquiry: we have no masters except our readers. Il Tacco d’Italia been going since March 2004, first as a monthly paper about Salento, and then also as an online newspaper. Our investigations have uncovered the unspeakable secrets of the powerful of Apulia and beyond.

Then, in the autumn of 2014, a hacker attack knocked out the website. But in 2016 we got the newspaper back online and our voices can be heard again. Today we ask you to support us! Let the voice of Il Tacco be your voice!

Il Tacco d’Italia was founded and directed by investigative journalist Marilù Mastrogiovanni (CLICK HERE).

(Who is Marilù Mastrogiovanni)

Il Tacco d’Italia was born from a dream: to give citizens a free tool for obtaining independent information. Where is it based? In the South, where too many constitutional rights are constantly violated. Where, too often, the state is absent or has been replaced by the mafia. Where, however, an ever-increasing number of citizens and towns have refused to give up, and are constantly looking for a different model of life. So here we stand: a newspaper without bosses, without public funding, without any link to powerful interests.

Right from 2004, the only power to be exercised: that of the word. Unique masters: our readers. The only “manual” to follow: the Italian Constitution, the conscience and the deontology of the journalistic profession.

Journalistic principles: The editorial plan of Il Tacco d’Italia in all these years has been very simple: to investigate wherever we felt that the “common good” and constitutional rights were being violated. Environmental devastation, building speculation, waste, Sacra Corona Unita, collusion, dirty white collar crimes, prisons, manipulated contracts, circumvention of the rules: many of our investigations ended up in the files of the Prosecutor.

But we have never lost heart. We have always valued the stories of the citizens in the many towns around us, the stories of those who commit themselves to building a better world.

Threats, thefts, lawsuits and hackers: Along with seven other journalists threatened by the Mafia, Il Tacco’s director, Marilù Mastrogiovanni, has related the whole story of our struggle in the book “Io Non Taccio” (published by Cento autori). The book won the 2015 Paolo Borsellino award and the Mattarella award in 2016. It is the story of information that vexes powerful interests, because it is free, independent and reflects the journalists’ conscience and values as well as Article 21 of the Italian Constitution. Marilù Mastrogiovanni was the first editor until 2010, at which point we transformed ourselves into a cooperative of journalists.

‘A heel along a dream’: It was very hard work, but the dream came true: from 2003 to 2012 we never missed an issue. Ninety editions, 500 thousand copies, 5,000 subscribers, 100 investigations, many of which are of national resonance. Great names in Italian journalism, above all Roberto Morrione, have supported us, offering their advice and help with our investigations.

Then we decided to go completely digital and to “free” even more information. Using the web we were able to distribute Il Tacco free, reaching a peak of 20 thousand individual readers a day. This availability pleases our readers, but not the powerful bullies and the mobsters.

Il Tacco d’Italia has been supported by thousands of readers and companies (through advertising) who believe in free information. Very few public administrations have invested in advertising with us, though, and we have not benefited from public funding. We have always confronted the market, often paying a high price for the courage of our convictions and investigations (eg, several companies have withdrawn advertising because they didn’t like particular content). Il Tacco has been defaced twice (and both times the image of a local politician of great national influence at the time was substituted for the home page). Then in 2014 the site was badly damaged by a “cracker” attack. At that point we had to stop publishing as we lacked the funds to build a new platform.

Journalistic inquiries are our job and over the 18 months our site was knocked out, thousands of readers urged us to continue our work of monitoring the powerful and protecting the common good. Of course, during this period we did not stop and, among other work, we carried out a unique editorial experiment in Italy:

Xylella report: A product of multimedia information, born from the grass roots, thanks to crowdfunding, consisting of a “vertical” site, video documentary in instalments, book-investigation, and a community across different social networks. The goal was to understand how much hunger for quality information there was in our area and in Italy. Once again, readers and fans responded with disarming enthusiasm, buying 1000 copies of the “Xylella report” inquiry book months before it came out in print, on the basis of their trust in the quality of our editorial work. It is an experiment that we propose to repeat on other important issues for our territory and for Italy. This strengthened our resolve even more, because it confirmed what we have always known: quality and freedom pay off.

Crowdfunding: With your help, Il Tacco d’Italia can come back to sting! We are ready to resume the work of investigation and we have developed an innovative editorial plan, which integrates various platforms and combines the long form story with the immediacy of tweets. We will continue to do this under the banner of enhancing all that is excellent in our territory and in Italy, a country that still stands out in every sector of the economy, especially research and innovation. Even “good news” can make news! We want you to be a protagonist, with us, of a new way of producing and disseminating information, here in the South.

We are inviting you to join us in writing an important piece of the history of information and the economy of our country. Visionaries make history: those who dare to dream of a different world!


PLEASE CLICK HERE AND HELP US: this is our pact with YOU!

10 euros: You’ll be included in the list of “Friends of Il Tacco d’Italia and Article 21 of the Italian Constitution” (which will always be available on the site). As a Friend, you will be able to vote on the topics chosen for future investigations.

25 euros: As well as being included in the list of “Friends of Il Tacco d’Italia and Article 21 of the Italian Constitution” (with voting rights on forthcoming topics for investigation), you will also receive a copy of a book by Marilù Mastrogiovanni (or a collection of investigations by the journalist).

100 euros: As well as being included in the list of “Friends of Il Tacco d’Italia and Article 21 of the Italian Constitution” (with voting rights on forthcoming topics for investigation), you will also receive a whole set of Marilù Mastrogiovanni’s books together with a collection of investigative reports by the journalist.

Sostieni il Tacco d’Italia!

Abbiamo bisogno dei nostri lettori per continuare a pubblicare le inchieste.

Le inchieste giornalistiche costano.
Occorre molto tempo per indagare, per crearsi una rete di fonti autorevoli, per verificare documenti e testimonianze, per scrivere e riscrivere gli articoli.
E quando si pubblica, si perdono inserzionisti invece che acquistarne e, troppo spesso, ci si deve difendere da querele temerarie e intimidazioni di ogni genere.
Per questo, cara lettrice, caro lettore, mi rivolgo a te e ti chiedo di sostenere il Tacco d’Italia!
Vogliamo continuare a offrire un’informazione indipendente che, ora più che mai, è necessaria come l’ossigeno. In questo periodo di crisi globale abbiamo infatti deciso di non retrocedere e di non sospendere la nostra attività di indagine, continuando a svolgere un servizio pubblico sicuramente scomodo ma necessario per il bene comune.

Marilù Mastrogiovanni






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